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Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex.

A Romantic Intimate Perfect Bathtub Sex Starts With Having A Bathtub.

This high class Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex, presented by Hangzhou Yishumeng (Esonmen) Sanitary Ware, has the most appealing features from both the outlook and what's inside.

Imagine the pleasure now of allowing the stress and pressure of the day melt off you each evening in one of these superior baths. 

Close your eyes and now set your imagination free!

Main Features- Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex

1)  Two seat Massage Bathub 1850x1400mmx750
2)  Bathtub  clolors avail in Snow white/Ivory/Grey/Red
3)  Bathtub Sheet Material: Brand new ABS 
4)  Bathtub Sheet thickness: 3.5cm as in the raw material
5)  3 Layers of fibreglass and resin- Extra Bathtub Rigidity
6)  Steel frame for support, optional stainless steel
7)  1.5Hp DXD pump, continuous working mode copule with  over heat protection
8)   5 pcs chrome jets, plastic
9)   6 pcs small jets brass with 2 on each side, 2 on the bottom.
10) Intelligent bathtub contorl panel 
11) FM Radio/Loud Speaker
12)  Chromatic light
13)  Air Regulator (jets control) 
14)   Twin headrest
15) Grab bar included
Video Presentation

Detailed Images

Bathtub Intelligent Control Panel

 Whirlpool Pump  
 FM  Radio
Chromatic light
This intelligent control panel, with it's bright silver cover plate, is great addtion to the bathtubs, by both gorgeous look and practical functions

Overflow with siphon-Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex

Integrated with siphon, hand operated, bright chrome

Big flexible whirlpool jets-Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex

Whirlpool Bathtub Hydromassage Jets
Chromed Cover+Stainless Steel+ PVC Body
Water Intake 33.5mm Or 32mm
 Air Intake 21.5mm Or 20mm

Chromatic lighting/ Underwater lighting

Type: LED 

Chromatherapy is the use of colored lights in your bath or shower. Combining this approach with hydrotherapy can create especially soothing effects

Hand Shower-Exotic French Design Sexy HydroMassage Whirlpools Perefect For Bathtub Sex

Multi functional chrome shower head with elongatged handle 

Air regulator/Air Adjustator

Acquiring hydro massage strength at a wanted level by controlling airflow in the circulating pipe
Caring & Service

Bathtub Silicone Seal.

We pay upmost care to the details.  The silicone seal would be one of the few things which will  differ us from our fellow competitors
1. The embeded glass part firstly sanded, creating a rough surface for better adhension with the silicone seal 
2. With silicone fully filled the gaps, manually pressed,  creating a rather compact  seal, this is of paramount importance in building the bathtub highly watertight
3. Silicione spread evenly creating a smooth, streamline and flawless outlook


After the tests
1. The bathtubs will be vacumm cleaned, making sure no water or any other residues left in the pipe.
2. Bathtub visually checked under spotlight and detected for any possible defects from manufacturing/ handling.
3. The proection film on the bathtub surface  is removed, then wrapped with PE film  and the bathtub is ready to use after proper installation. 

Test & Inspection

Operating Test 

Overall test the electric functions, jets and water tight 

Hipot Test

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Test, bathtub shell at 3.8kv, and steel frames at 1.7kv.
Packing & Delivery

Standard Cardboard Cartons 

PE wraps+Bubble Bags+Cardboard Box+Plywood Crates

195(L) * 145(W) * 80(D)
Packing volume:  

Bathtub Life 

A perfect bathtub sex starts with having a  bathtub, now you have one!

Bathtub Life



This is real and serious.

And this friend of my mine went to China for the first and Guangzhou was his frist stop.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE- thats what he needed to do that day!

He was all alone on the street and was wondering where the hell was the bank, then he spotted a building with a huge screen on the front wall with text saying something like : beware of the  exchange fraud...

Right under the screen, there was a small banner which was also very noitceable and it said "Money  Exchange"!

Ha, he was lucky, wasn't he ? 

This dude walked right to the exchange, everything was good, they had even higher rates than the bank. 

And he exchanged like  US$10,000 or US$50,000 or I dont' know. 

And the chinese behind the table, the cashier counted the money twice on the machine, and handed over to him.

It's convincing that they had got everything right..and the man walked out the building feeling good.  

At the business table, the man got the money from the exchange right to the seller, someone had to count,  and then they found it was not upto the amount he claimed, and he counted it again, still the same. 

The man was like" WHAT?!!!!!!!!"  no body even touched the money ever since he walked out the exchange......

WHY....... WHY......

The only possiblity would be...... the man came to realise something. 

He decided to find this out so he went back to the exchange in a later day.  No one seemed to know that he had been there before. 

He asked for a exchage, as the chinese cashier counted the RMB twice on the machine handed it over,  he's ready to count, ""no, no, no, don't count it, we have counted it on the machine twice and it's right" But the man insisted.

The chinese said: " I will count it for again", he grab the money the put it into the machine an counted it for a third time " piu piu piu..."

" say, RMB xxxxx, it's right" .

" I would like to count it my myself!" all the chinese there were embarrassed as hell, I suppose but they couldn't stop a man counting his own money!!

" Hey, it's xxx less!!! why " 

" There must be something wrong with the machine", and the cashier guy explained, and started to search around the machine, and in a second, he found the missing money.

" There you go", they handed over the missing amount and smiled like it was no big deal...

The man, my friend, he was not happy, and he decided to do something..

He stood in the center of the hall, there were people coming to exchange for all time.

" Don't exchange here, they had higher rates but money is not right!!!" 

" whoa..."  

After the dude stopped a few clients, 2 fat chinese with black suits and this body gaurd look came over at him. He had not yet noticed where they came from.

Now the dude knew he was in trouble, but he's not afraid.

Seeing there's no point in getting into further clashes, and he decided to leave.

These two fat chinese followed him two streets long, and he couldn't take it any more and he stopped" if you come any closer, I will kick your ass, son of a bitch." He rose the sleeves and  was ready to pick up a fight, he's not afraid.

Now the chinese stopped stalked and the dude walked out free!!!

This is one of the most hilarious things how they fraud by alerting people about fraud. 

If you're visiting China for the frist time, especially to Guangzhou,  GO TO A BANK, A SERIOUS BANK TO DO THE EXCHAGNE. 

Written by Bruce


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